Fiat 500L: Very good option for frugal Pope

The man who became Pope Francis

The man who became Pope Francis

What was that bulbous-looking car that whisked Pope Francis away from the tarmac on Tuesday?

A Fiat 500L by Fiat Chrysler Vehicles.

In truth, the Pope is generating very good use of Fiat Chrysler wheels on his visit to the United States .

The 500L is big brother to the a lot more familiar Fiat 500 mini car. Prices start at about $ 20,000.

In contrast to the Fiat 500, which would have been completely impractical for transporting a Pope and his entourage, the 500L is large and roomy inside.

Surprisingly so, in fact.

The Fiat 500L is about two feet longer and six inches taller than the ordinary Fiat 500, and it has 3.5 inches a lot more rear seat legroom and a great 4 inches much more headroom. It can seat five — though not also comfortably — and 4 very easily. On the other hand, the Fiat 500 is constrained to, at most, four and absolutely not comfortably.

The 500L is perfect transport for a frugal Pope who likes to keep fuss and luxuries to a minimum. When visiting other nations, he has taken compact autos like the Ford Concentrate. The Fiat 500L is a considerably much more cozy option.

It is not notably fun to drive, given its tendency to wobble in challenging turns. But which is not what the 500L is about — nor, truly, is Pope Francis.

You never see the 500L typically since it is Fiat’s slowest-marketing model behind the 500 and now the new Fiat 500X, a sportier crossover SUV with obtainable all-wheel-drive.

In parades, Pope Francis will be riding in a modified Jeep Wrangler, also a merchandise of the Fiat Chrysler ( FCAM ) company.

The Wranger, with its open prime, will let him to be very easily witnessed by crowds. In other nations, he has utilised SUVs, like the Hyunda Santa Fe, that have been modified, with element of the roof reduce away. No need to have for that with the Wrangler. Again, easy and no fuss.

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