Ford reveals aluminum Super Duty truck

Ford CEO: We won't be first with a driverless car

Ford CEO: We will not be 1st with a driverless vehicle

Ford is following up on its aluminum F-150 pickup with an aluminum-bodied Super Duty choose-up.

The Super Duty isn’t just a beefed up version of the F-150. It’s an fully different truck designed by a distinct crew of engineers from the much more mainstream F-150. Its created for significant work. For instance, practically 3-quarters of the electrical and telephone utility trucks utilised in America are Super Duty trucks, in accordance to Ford ( F ) . They are also typically modified for use as ambulances and other emergency autos.

Like the recently redesigned F-150, the Super Duty has a physique created from “military grade” aluminum alloy. The weight savings are less than in the F-150, although. Where the F-150 saves 700 pounds via the use of aluminum, the Super Duty saves about half that much.

The new truck also has a quantity of higher-tech functions, like a 360-degree camera system that makes it possible for the driver to see the truck as if from over. Photos from a quantity of downward-dealing with broad-angle cameras around the outside of the truck are combined utilizing laptop computer software to produce an artificial “aerial” picture of the truck and its surroundings. It can make maneuvering and backing up in tight spaces less difficult. A feature that is become typical on luxury automobiles, this is the very first time it’s been obtainable on a hefty-duty truck, in accordance to Ford.

It will also be accessible with a remote-release tailgate so the driver will not have to get out and walk all around to the back to open the tailgate.

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The new Super Duty also delivers an aid function that instantly steers the truck so that a trailer will go in which the driver wants it to go. As the truck backs up, the driver watches the trailer and “steers” with a dashboard knob rather than the steering wheel. The truck’s front wheels move on their very own, steering the truck so that the trailer requires the sought after path.

The new truck will be accessible with a number of different engines, all significantly bigger than individuals supplied in the F-150. They incorporate a 6.2-liter V8, a six.8-liter V10, and and a 6.eight-liter V8 diesel engine. Ford is promising greater towing and hauling capabilities than the recent truck.

At the moment, the Ford Super Duty line, which consists of the F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550, can make up about 43% of hefty-duty pickups sold in America. Pricing for the new truck, which will be built in Kentucky and go on sale late up coming year, has not been announced but.

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